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Scion / Make Every Second Count

Scion has always supported artists, musicians and entrepreneurs. However, they weren't getting credit for their efforts. In 2013, they rededicated themselves to the cause and bolstered their creds at the same time.

We hired acclaimed documentarian Doug Pray (Art & Copy, Hype!) to create a cross-media campaign featuring people who spend their lives following their passions. We gave them each a camera, mounted cameras in their Scions and documented their lives for several weeks. No interference of meddling from the agency. We edited the hours of raw footage into three 30-secpond spots and five online documentaries.

For print, we captured those same every day moments to create a montage depicting our cast pursuing their passions. One of clients told me he thought this was the best work we've ever done for the brand.




The documentary shorts are below.












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