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Scion Archive

Work over five years on a single account, you make a lot of ads. Here's some of the better ones from the past.



The Onion / College Rebate

Scion was the first sponsor of the official app for the Onion. When we were concepting, they advised us against writing a fake editorial, telling us that no one was able to match their writing style and any attempts would be greeted with indifference. We went for it anyway and achieved the highest click-through numbers that the Onion had ever seen, including on their site: close to a 20% rate.




United By Individuality

We wanted to celebrate the devoted Scion owner community by featuring them in a campaign. We decided to shoot in the Nevada desert outside of Las Vegas. But how would we assemble the massive amount of owner cars in Vegas without breaking our budget? Hold an owner event. Scion would foot the bill for accomodations and thank the owners by having a massive party in the desert while we shot their cars.

The Scion United event had music, prizes, aftermarket vendors and art shows. FloRida, who at that time had the number one single in the country, headlined the all-night concert. Almost five hundred owners drove out to the middle of the desert on their own dime to attend.

We spent three days shooting their cars for an epic 60-second anthem spot celebrating the owners. We set-up two camera tents and shot profile stills of each of the hundreds of cars over 24-hours. Two designers worked in shifts shooting the Scions, non-stop. We used all the assets collected over that weekend for the next 18-months: four broadcast spots, a dozen print ads and untold online executions.

Meanwhile, hundreds of owners went home happy and spread the word online. They could relive the event at the website. We had a gallery of the event and all their cars for them to download as wallpapers. Three lucky owners had their cars and names featured in billboards. Owners proudly pointed out their cars online in each of the executions. Through blogs and forums, they confirmed what they already knew: Scion is a brand that cares about their drivers.

The Scion United site won FWA's Site of the Day. Barbara Lippert even gave the campaign a rave in Adweek.




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Poster Magazine Insert



Print Gatefold


Scion pull tab

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Using their subscriber list, each individual copy of Tokion magazine had a wraparound cover
featuring personalized, customized cars with the subscriber's name emblazoned across the side


Scion United Site (Launch the Site)


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Scion FR-S

How do you sell the first affordable performance coupe to come along in 20 years? We let it sell itself. Our launch campaign showed off the all-new Scion FR-S by showing it tearing up curvy mountain roads and tackling hairpin turns.

Broadcast, print, outdoor and web executions boldly proclaimed “Driving is Back” and heralded the return of rear-wheel sport. A motorsport microsite targeted at car enthusiasts linked the FR-S to its motor sport heritage and tied Scion to an era when performance was king.

The campaign reignited and united enthusiasts in their praise of the car. More importantly it put Scion on the map with a true motorsport heir.







rear-wheel sport




mean lean genes


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Scion tC Slightly Tweaked

Though the 2008 Scion tC was only slightly altered from the previous model, the changes still made a big difference to the passionate tC audience. So we set out to demonstrate the idea that "a small change can make a big difference" across a range of media in a cheeky integrated campaign.

The broadcast showed how a small difference could make something feel completely different.

In print inserts, consumers were invited to "tweak something" to create a big stir in the world around them with synthetic pubic hairs, adhesive phony phone and computer keys and fake bathroom signage supplied in the ads.








Bathroom Signs


Phony Keys



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Scion xD Release Series 1.0

Every year Scion releases a special limited edition of each of their vehicles. For the inaugural xD Release Series, they unleashed the "Hot Lava" xD. With only 2000 available, they suggested drivers "get it while it's hot".

For the guerilla execution, the incediary xD burned through a mobile billboard. Concerned onlookers warned the driver that his billboard was on fire. Meanwhile, street teams wearing flame retardant suits passed out Hot Lava branded headphones and iPod socks to hoards of amused people.



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Scion has always been known as the perfect car for tuners. We created an ad with the same material you'd find on a Lotto Scratcher. With the instructions "Use a coin to create custom body graphics", users were invited to create their own custom rides.




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