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Star Wars Despecialized Box Set / Personal Project

Any true geek knows that the only real version of the Star Wars  Trilogy is the original theatrical versions of the first three films. of course, George Lucas made sure those versions have never been available.

Until now.

An intrepid Belgian student named Harmy took it upon himself to restore the Star Wars films to their original un-specialized glory. The versions that geeks have been waiting for their whole lives was finally available. Since no official box set is available, I took it upon myself to create one.

I used the original artwork from the 70s and 80s and made a custom box filled with all the goodies a true nerd would want: mini reproductions of the original lobby cards and release posters plus a 70s-style Topps trading card featuring the student editor. Every element was printed at home and hand-cut. including custom envelopes and sleeves to keep everything tidy. My box design became so popular that board members at requested I make the box available for download and Harmy himself ask that I create a box for him.

He even made an unboxing video for it.




Teepublic Store / Personal Project

I like comics, Star Wars, movies, sports and black t-shirts. So I combined these hobbies to create a t-shirt store filled with all of these things. Others must share these passions; I've sold hundreds of shirts from my Teepublic Store. Here's some of my designs.

My Teepublic Store






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