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Sony Online Entertainment Free Realms

At Attik, I lead the pitch team that won the Sony Online game business. Sony was launching an MMO for tweens called Free Realms. In the game users could take total control of their characters, even changing jobs at will. We developed branding and an aggressive TV & online recruiting campaign. Sony were so taken by Chatdy, a character we created for the spots, that they incorporated him into the game.

Attik also contacted Robbie Neville and Matthew Gerald, the songwriters behind hits by Miley Cyrus and Kelly Clarkson, to write the theme for the game. Sony Music recording artist The Dares recorded "It's Your World". For E3, Guinness World Records recognized Sony Online Entertainment and The Dares, for the first concert to take place simultaneously in the real world and a virtual space.

Sony signed up an unprecedented 4 million players in the first nine weeks. We were rewarded at the MI6 Conference for Gaming with the Gold for Outstanding Overall Marketing Campaign and a Bronze for Best Online Advertising Campaign.




Sour Punch Punchies

We only got to make one commercial with American Licorice. They don't do a lot of broadcast, so we were psyched when they decided to work with us. Buck did an awesome job with the animation.




Smith & Hawken




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